Pastor’s Desk 2017-04-11

Good Morning SCCC Family,

* It’s the Passion Week or Semana Santa for our Mexican friends. Its always fun to see the activity pick up in town, such creativity when the vehicles start coming into town, pick up trucks loaded with lawn chairs, tents, large umbrellas, picnic tables, sound systems waiting to happen and so on. Even in Guaymas last week, there was a “beach umbrella” sales person on every street. They’re ready to celebrate and settle in on the beaches. I think what I remember most from last year was all the families that were together, yes there’s some strictly party groups, but what caught my attention was the larger amount of groups with grandparents, parents and children all together and having fun as a family. Mayra and team are also celebrating with the truest reason of all to celebrate and its all coming together for her at the church. Whether you’re praying for the event or helping out, I trust you’re believing our Lord for a great day with these children. The adults will also be reminded of the Lord’s passion on Good Friday, along with a Resurrection reminder on Sunday morning.

* Semana Santa – Thur & Fri ( 9-11am ) @ the church.
* Good Friday Service – 10am @ the church (Communion)
* Easter Sunday Service – 9am @ the church!

* Chuck Dreiling was airlifted from Hermosillo to Sacramento yesterday. Please continue to pray as they follow through in dealing with this brain tumor. I know they value your prayers. So many of you have called to ask about them, just revealing your love for them. Thank you for taking the time to care.

* Can I just express my thanks to you for your overwhelming support in purchasing Lennyka’s cookies last Sunday. There was only one pack left when we got to the table, so Jeannine graciously shared it with me. Utterly delicious. Thank you for supporting this lady from the Guaymas Prison who is on a journey following Christ because of Gabriela’s ministry there.

* The last few weeks have been an incredible challenge for many of our SCCC families. Would you continue to keep these folks in your prayers:

  1. Van Kirk Family – their tragic loss
  2. Dave and Connie Campbell – Connie’s Father passed away.
  3. Pam Donnermeyer – Her mother Kay passed away.
  4. Matthew Wyka – Matt’s sister Elizabeth passed away.
  5. Vic & Sylvia Janzen – Vic’s Mother passed away.

 * Sermon Series: We have been in 1 Peter and looking at that often dreaded word “submission”. Peter gives us such practical insight into how to respond to an evil govt and then how to respond when mistreated in the work place. Last week, we began a two week series (still partially in Peter) but looking at what submission means in the context of marriage. This Sunday, we’ll be on an Easter theme, but we will return to I Peter 3 to continue on the theme of relationships in marriage the following week. I covet your prayers for my preparation time. I find the more I study the theme and the less I focus on the baggage which has developed around the theme over the years, both in secular and in spiritual surroundings, the more I am reminded of God’s love for us, of His challenge to love others (spouses) the same way he loved us and the challenge to put others needs above our own. I am so enjoying looking at this dreaded word through the eyes of Scripture and I pray you are too. Hope to see you Sunday!

Have a great week remembering what Jesus did for you, Happy Easter!            Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Who Does What @ SCCC – Yout Connection Center

  • Church Administration – Mayra Gonzalez
    • Office Time (Mon, Wed, Fri)
  • Children’s Ministry – Mayra Gonzalez
  • Youth Ministry – Matthew Wyka
  • Men’s Group – Steve McLean
  • Deacon Chairperson – Art Koenes
  • Finance Questions – Bob Gibson (Chair)
    • Summer – Elizabeth Matchett
  • Missions Committee – Jim McClelland (Chair)
  • Benevolence Requests – Gabriela Montemayor
    • Other Contact – Ryan Thiessen
  • We Care Ministry – Chuck & Carol Morton
  • Building Use & Rentals – Maris Kalmbach
    • Summer – Glenn Driedger
  • Greeters and Ushers – Dave Campbell
    • Summer Greeters – Jeannine Driedger
    • Winter Greeters – Bev Mettlewsky
    • Summer Ushers – Brandon Baird
  • Fellowship Events – Christie Forrester
    • Cookie Sundays – Carol Miller
    • Potluck Events – Tiffiny Fisher
  • Building Maintenance – Grant Dafoe
    • Summer – Jim Ellison / Jim Johnson
  • Sound & Media – Brandon Baird
  • Spanish Translation – Ruben Bustos
  • Communion Prep – Barbara Anderson / Karen Ruddock

Chuck Dreiling Update

Dear SCCC Family and Friends,

Chuck Dreiling was taken to Cima Hospital in Hermosillo on Thursday afternoon, initially with what they thought was a stroke. He has now been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The Dr.’s say the situation is urgent, but that its not an emergency. He will be airflighted to California on either Sunday or Monday, after he has been stabilized. They will then determine next steps in CA. Please be praying for Chuck and Nancy, for Chuck’s healing and for peace for both of them as they walk out this journey.


Glenn Driedger

Pastor’s Desk 2017-04-04

Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Good Friday Service – 10am @ the church (Communion)
* Easter Sunday Service – 9am @ the church!

* Mayra and team are preparing for the upcoming Semana Santa on April 13 & 14. This is a really neat opportunity to minister to a group of little ones. Would you consider helping her on either Thursday or Friday (9-11am)? Please let Mayra or Nedra know.

* Yes, Its “Cookie Sunday” this Sunday. Carol would be so encouraged if you could bring along a sampling of your favorites. Trust you’re looking forward to gathering with the family over some of these treats.
            Just as a bit of an aside. Lennyka is a 25 year old lady, who accepted the Lord through Gabriela’s ministry in the Guaymas prison. Jeannine and I met her the day I got to baptize her. She shared her testimony with us that day and brought tears to our eyes. She is serving a 33 year sentence and is working at raising the funds so that her daughter from Sinaloa can come visit her. In an effort to do that, there will be some additional packages of cookies for sale on the cookie table. There will only be a small amount of them, being sold at 20 pesos a package. You can help Lennyka be reunited with her daughter by purchasing some of her home baked cookies.

* Thanks to all of you who came to help with the spring clean up at the church! Your help was so appreciated. Chairs are recovered, Touch Ups completed, we’re ready for the “warmer” season. Bring it on!

* If you get a chance, take a look at the new 3-6 Year old Ministry Center. Its finished and it looks great! Storage, White Board, TV & DVD Unit are all in place! It’s kind of that middle size room that we really needed and will serve the church well in many other ways as well! Thanks to Grant Dafoe and Dave Campbell! You guys can do anything!

* Our condolences go out to Dave & Connie Campbell. Connie’s father passed away last week. 

* Pam Donnermeyer’s (Brame) mother, Kay DiNunzio passed away Sunday evening.

* We pray that each of our hurting families will sense God’s comfort and His peace through the days to come. 

* Sermon Series: We have been in 1 Peter and looking at that often dreaded word “submission”. Peter gives us such practical insight into how to respond to an evil govt. Last week, Peter continued with talking about honoring God in the place where you serve. This week we begin in Chapter 3, with the often abused statement of “wives submit to your husbands”. Wow, we live in a culture that jumps on that statement. So how do we make application of this text? How do you apply that atatement to a hurting marriage, or even to a healthy marriage? Hope to see you Sunday!

Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2017-03-28

Good Morning SCCC Family,
* What a fun week connecting with great people once again. From the best home made “New Orleans Creole Gumbo and Ol’ Charleston Style Shrimp and Grits at one home to last evening’s Stir fried shrimp on a bed of rice – we be eating good! But along with those amazing dishes, the fun, the friendship & the fellowship has been the best. We’re so grateful to you and are sad to see some of “you all” leaving for the summer.
* They tell me winter is over and its time for spring clean up! That’s priceless. This kind of winter is pretty sweet compared to the ones we use to engage on the Canadian prairies. But nevertheless, the plans are to do some final touch ups at the church – Friday at 9:00 am. We’ll be doing some clean up, painting and reupholstering about 30 chairs. Guys, bring along “flat & star screwdrivers, staple guns and staples and let’s support these seamstresses who are going to give these chairs a face lift. Maris and team would so appreciate your help.
* Mayra and team are preparing for the upcoming Semana Santa on April 13 & 14. TOMORROW, (Wed Morning) – she could use your help in preparing the crafts for this event. So if your crafty, or not, she could sure use your help tomorrow morning at the church. Its so good to see a greater interest forming in local children as Mayra brings leadership to our Children’s Ministry. Let’s help her prepare to impact these little guys!
* We are all saddened by the loss of Matt’s sister Elizabeth. “Beth” passed away early Sunday morning after a brief battle with cancer. Her Memorial service will take place this coming Saturday in Bloomington, Minnesota. If you’d like to send Matt a note of condolence, you can contact him at Matt and his family are very grateful for your prayers. Again Matt, we are so sorry for your loss!
* CEC Friendship Raising Dinner is coming on April 4. Jennifer and Ed Hudson can help you with the tickets for this “Cordon Bleu” Dinner. It will be a great opportunity to meet the students they have been training for ministry this past winter.
* Many of you were encouraged by hearing Steve share about his life journey last Sunday. One of Leadership’s goals this winter was to help you get to know the elders a little better as they shared about their passions and interests and how Jesus has made a difference in their lives. We’ve heard from John New, David Long and Steve McLean. It looks like we’ve saved the best for last and we’ll save Chuck Dreiling’s story for next fall when you all return.
*Sermon Series: This Sunday, we’re back in 1 Peter, looking at the last part of Chapter 2. Many of you volunteer for different organizations, some of you still work for employers, some of you serve in other ministries – Peter has something to say about these relationships. We want to look at what Peter says about some of the “yah buts” that we experience in these working relationships. Like “do we have to be obedient to a boss when they ask us to do Immoral or illegal things, what about doing “stupid” things, what about just doing things we don’t like to do? How far does this authority thing really reach? Hope to see you Sunday!
Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2017-03-21

Good Morning SCCC Family,

* You’re starting to leave us! Folks are beginning their exodus back to foreign lands. We’re always sad to see you go. We miss the comradery and friendships while you are gone. But we hope you enjoy your time away and that you will return home “soon”!

* Not a lot of new news today, so I thought, I’d share a story with you. Hope you enjoy! You got to love Mexico. Coming back from Mazatlan last Friday, somewhere South of Navojoa in a dry and barren place (how dramatic), a rumble coming from the back, “better pull over”. I get out, yep, totally flat rear tire. What now? Well, I know I can’t get the spare out from underneath, tried that one other time and the linkage was seized up and the spare couldn’t be removed, kind of forgot about that after the last time. Well this time there’s no option – we’re going to need the spare tire. Of course, the highway is under construction, but low and behold, there’s a construction crew driving up to a bridge being repaired, about ¼ mile away – I wave to them from my desperate location – they wave back, very friendly, but I wave again, this time they come down the other side of the highway towards us. I run across the ditch to them and explain in my best Spanish – by pointing at my back tire, “is flato”. No problema! Three of the four crawl under the vehicle, while the other jacks it up. They fight and fuss with the spare, can’t get it out. The “foreman” walks back to his truck and comes back with a 6 foot crowbar, gives it to the guys underneath and within moments, the spare was free and we were in business. 30 minutes later, we were travelling once again.
        A little side note which brought great humor to the husband of my bride – who stayed in the vehicle while I attempted potential tire removal. She hadn’t noticed all the goings on, as I summoned potential helpers with frantic waves. She was in “text” mode with her dearly beloved friends. The truck and helpers had showed up, but were parked across the ditch in the lanes that were being repaired. I suppose we weren’t very visible where we were in the broad daylight! But I noticed her getting out of the vehicle while the potential helpers and I were in “deep” conversation about my rear tire. She walked around looking, but not finding her best friend and confidant. But later, as we were leaving the scene, tire repaired, she fessed up, “I looked around, but I couldn’t find you. The first thing I thought, she said, Jesus came back. Now it made sense to me that my pastor husband had been taken (not really, but for the sake of the story), but I was still here. Well that’s weird, but I stayed pretty calm as I evaluated the situation. But then I remembered, Jesus couldn’t have returned. There was no horn (trumpet sound?).  And then she said, I saw you across the ditch, so I got back in the vehicle and continued texting.” So for part of the ensuing journey home, the theological discussion continued, will we actually hear the horn when Jesus returns? Who will actually hear it?
       Is there a better place to be? We couldn’t have been more grateful to those men who simply took the time to help out a helpless preacher and his texting spouse.

* Hats off to Catherine Gibson and team for bringing another great movie night to the church. It was a “tear jerker”, no doubt, but it was based on a true story of a family with a very sick young daughter. The story revealed the challenges we face in understanding God through the difficult situations of life. I won’t give away the ending, but “Miracles from Heaven” was a movie that gripped all of our hearts.

* Jeannine and I spent a little bit of time with Terry and Sue Cummins yesterday afternoon. Wow, on Friday, he was rushed to Tucson with a heart attack and yesterday, we’re sitting outside their home in SC, listening to their story. They, and all of us, are so grateful for the turnaround. There doesn’t appear to be any residual damage to Terry’s heart at all. He will do follow up when they return to Idaho, but it all looks good. They are so grateful for your prayers.

* On a sadder note, Matt returned to Minnesota on Sunday to be with his family and his sister, Elizabeth. Her battle with cancer continues and unless the Lord intervenes, things do not look good. Please continue praying for Matt and his family as they travel this difficult journey.

* Semana Santa (Holy Week) is just around the corner and Mayra is pumped about planning a two day event at the church for children from the community.  Happens April 13&14 (9-11am) – if you would like to help, she could use a five people in the kitchen, about 10 to work with the games and others for general oversight. Let’s help her Impact the children in our community for Christ.

* Sermon Series: Last week, we went back to our series in 1 Peter, looking at I Peter 2:13-17, along with a correlating passage by Paul from Romans 13:1-7. Our challenge came in dealing with this whole area of authority and submission (words most unappreciated in our North American culture). I all too often hear stories of how these words have been misinterpreted, even by believers who use them out of the context of Jesus’ intent. So, in light of past abuses, teaching on the subject of authority and submission can become very challenging.
       We discovered in this week’s texts, where both Paul and Peter are writing to persecuted believers, believers under the control of the horrific dictator Nero, but believers who are being challenged in their life styles to submit to those in authority. Its here that  we discover a principle – “Jesus works through human authority”, that he has actually put these human authorities in place. He works through these human authorities (good or bad) to accomplish His will on this earth. And that’s where it gets muddy for us sometimes! Should my submission to human authorities in my life not reflect my submission to my heavenly authority? Or can we actually separate the two authoritites? Peter seems to say, “No, they have all been put in place by God.” I am so grateful to know that we can always question, in fact, that we should question authority, but Peter’s words don’t allow us to step out from under authority or to ignore authority. More to come in the days ahead.

Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2017-03-14

Good Morning SCCC Family,
* You ever notice that “profound” is often discovered in the “simple?” That disgusting “toenail” illustration has gotten more mileage than anything I’ve ever experienced. This coming week, we’re invited to another dinner with the promise of no “toe nails” on our plates. I trust that means there won’t be any hiding in our salads either, right? But the context in which the illustration was used has been equally as effective. I’m thankful that God speaks through the simple things of life.
    We scooted off to Mazatlan for a few days after last Sunday’s service. So this Sunday’s sermon will come to you through studies “done by the pool”. You might want to pray a little harder for the pastor this week, not necessarily for the anticipated “R&R”, but for the preparation of the message!!
* As of late, we’ve been made aware that email responses to the pastor’s desk with an “” ending our either not coming through or are ending up in the “junk mail” of the church’s mailbox. If you use the “aol” server for emails – rather than clicking reply to the “pastor’s desk” email, please just send your response directly to me, Sorry for the inconvenience.

* Remember the Pancake Dinner at the Church happens this Thursday at 5:30 PM. Dinner is by donation and all the proceeds with be used to replenish the Benevolence Fund. Have some fun together at this special event.
* I am personally grateful for the number of emails and questions I received over the last few weeks regarding the proposed bylaw changes presented at the AGM. Your concerns revealed to me your passionate desire for a healthy church. Thank you to those of you who participated in the vote on Sunday and made your voice known. There were only two “no” votes for each of the proposed changes, so it was an overwhelming “yes” to both amendments. Thank you once again for your participation. The Constitution will be updated shortly and you will receive a new link which you can use to read and remain aware of the Church’s governance positions.
* Speaking of how things get done at SCCC, I was thrilled last week as Jan Springman, who has completed her term as deacon, made the transition from her role as head of “We Care” to the new leaders in this ministry – Chuck and Carol Morton. Over coffee and goodies at Meme’s, the volunteers were introduced to the Mortons, who in turn got to meet the volunteers who serve our church family in this wonderful way. Clarity and Purpose is consistently maintained with those kinds of transitions. Thanks Jan for your foresight and your servant heart. Thanks for your service to our church family. Thanks Chuck and Carol for your passion to see this ministry continue in such a healthy manner.
* Hats off to Mayra, who last week took the initiative to reach out to the folks at the Mexican Loma del Mar. With the help of Rob & Sherry Kehler, they spent some time with the children in the community and after dusk, showed a Christian movie to roughly 20-25 children in the area. What a neat way to introduce the local children to the Children’s program of SCCC and further, to invite them to the upcoming “Semana Santa” Children’s event, which by the way is only a month away! What a unique way to reach into the heart of our community.
* Our Missions Team has made some additions to their team, with Terry Cummins (another of the new deacons) and Becky Konshak coming on board. They will be part of the team that continues to build meaningful relationships with the missionaries our church partners with.
       They are also in the beginning stages of planning our January, 2018 Missions Convention. Last week, we sat down to an amazing dinner at the Kalmbach’s, along with the missions team and a number of the missionaries connected to our church. The desire of Jim and the team was to hear what they could do to prepare for a mission’s convention that would not only be beneficial for the church, but equally important, what they as a team could provide or do, that would make the convention meaningful for our missionaries.
* Another dietary delight for the church leadership team last Thursday as elders, deacons and spouses enjoyed a time of fellowship over a “pre thanksgiving” meal of turkey and ham prepared and presented by Grant & Ethel and Dave & Connie. It’s a good day when leaders have fun together through fellowship events like this. Thanks to the Dafoes and Campbells for keeping us on track as family. Maybe you’re beginning to catch on that leadership ain’t all that bad. We sure do eat well!
* We are grateful for God’s answer to our prayers. Steve McLean returned home from Hermosillo yesterday after receiving four stents. Please continue to pray for a full recovery.
* Sermon Series: Last week, we took a short break from I Peter and looked at what it means to be a Christian church in San Carlos. What is required for unity at SCCC? What are the essentials required for us to work together? We looked at three areas of our beliefs when it comes to our faith journey. As a diverse group of believers in SCCC:
1. We all have preferences based on our life experiences in church.
2. We all bring along beliefs which may be distinctive to our faith backgrounds.
3. We all understand that there are “non negotiable” core values to our faith.
            The beauty of our diversity is that if we keep the “non negotiables” as our requirement for working together, as opposed to requiring unity on the “distinctive” or even “preferential” issues, we can make a huge impact on our community for the cause of Christ. If God’s reputation in San Carlos is based on our unity over the core values of the Gospel and if the family of SCCC has an acceptance of each other’s distinctive values, and if we remember that preferences are exactly that, the Lord will be wonderfully glorified through our lives, our church and our community. The message can be heard in its entirety on our website.
            This Sunday, we’ll be back in I Peter (and possibly Romans 13) looking at authority, What? You serious, Preacher? There’s still authority in this post modern world? So, what about presidents and prime ministers? Okay, okay, but what about ungodly presidents, prime ministers and bad bosses? Follow them? Obey Them? Humph! Well let’s see what the Word of God says. Want to read the related Scriptures in preparation? I Peter 2:13-15 and Romans 13:1-7 will be our focus. I’m still preparing, but that’s where I believe we’ll be.
Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2017-03-07

Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Memorable Moments – You remember those “holy” dishes we’ve been talking about? Well , our privilege last Thursday evening was to relax at the home of some friends from the church and part of that time included sitting down for a wonderful dinner, served on – – yes you guessed it – the “holy” dishes. What a memorable treat, not only the meal, but the fellowship that accompanied it. And then came Memorable Moment # 2 – Sitting down for dinner with more church family on Sunday, and our host – being the gracious man that he is, although he didn’t follow through, shared of his loving intentions to clip one of his “toe nails” and place it on the pastor’s plate prior to the meal. Can you believe it? Where would someone get an idea like that? Well as you can probably tell, it has been a great week of encouragement with friends and church family. I hope your week has been as encouraging.

* Our Annual Pancake Dinner at the Church happens on Thursday, March 16 at 5:30 PM. Dinner is by donation and all the proceeds with be used to replenish our Benevolence Fund. This unique dinner meal was wonderfully received last year. Thanks Grant, Ethel and team for all you do to serve our church family!

*Please note that the two proposed amendments to our bylaws, will be presented for a congregational vote this Sunday. The proposed amendments can be read in their entirety on the church’s website under the February 26 issue of the Pastor’s Desk. We encourage all regular attendees to participate in this vote.

* We are so grateful for the CPR training which we were able to offer last week at the church. I believe Doug Burnie said they had roughly 30 participants. Thanks Doug for your practical provision of this training to our church and community.

* Giving “Receipts” for USD giving have been prepared and are on the table at the rear of the sanctuary. On behalf of the leadership, I want to say thank you for your generous response in 2016. The dramatic increase in giving is certainly a reflection of your appreciation of the ministry and outreach of our church. We are grateful for all the Lord has helped SCCC accomplish and we look forward to His continued blessing in 2017.

* Another Movie Night coming to the church – “Miracles from Heaven” is so inspirational and you will find your heart warmed as see you see the story come together. Monday, March 20 at 6:00 PM at the church. Bring some friends along, enjoy the fresh buttered popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy.  

* Sermon Series: Last week, we looked at spitting out the “toe nails”. As we looked back at Peter’s life 30 years earlier and some of his failures prior to the crucifixion, we also looked ahead at what he had learned over those 30 years. What a growth in character. And this is what gives him credibility as he writes to this despondent group of believers – people who are scattered, hurting, persecuted and suffering. Peter reminds them of the big picture one more time and he declares what he has gleaned spiritually.
       Jesus had reminded Peter during his earlier life that people will know you are a true follower of Christ by your love for people. And likewise Peter brings this truth into play as he writes to these scattered believers. He challenges them to spit out the “toe nails” – the RELATIONAL sins – “So get rid of all evil behavior. Be done with all deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy, and all unkind speech.” (I Peter 2:1) Notice, he doesn’t even address moral issues here, although they are equally as important. However, Peter speaks to relational issues, things which keep us from loving people as Jesus loved them.
       Spiritual maturity is evidenced by our love for people, is what Peter is saying. The question we are left with is what are we filling our lives with? Are they things which lead to spiritual maturity? Is the Lord inviting us to take a step forward in our faith walk? Are we simply “one step” believers, satisfied with “salvation” or are we taking “other steps” to grow into “acting like Jesus?” (being set apart, holiness)?

Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2017-02-28

Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Those of you who heard the message on Sunday will understand this. It is a bit of an inside story, but who would ever have thunk it? As I sat down for dinner last evening, and to one of my favorite meals, Jeannine’s taco salad, with a homemade taco seasoning that bites a little, but does it ever leave the greatest flavors on one’s palette. Its simply indescribably good. As I’m putting on the dressing, I notice the edges of the plate on which my meal has been so delightfully served. But we didn’t have company, could it really be? Yes, the two of us, eating alone, and yes, my dinner had been served on the “holy” dishes, you know – the ones “set apart” for special people. Simply wonderful. Predictable has turned into unpredictable in our home! So the next question on my mind – I’m wondering – Will the “holy” pillows also be at my disposal tonight? Well one out of two isn’t bad, eh? Once again, they were “set aside” but it was okay. I’ve eaten on the “dishes” now – first time ever with no guests in our home! An unbelievable day to say the least. I know folks, and I’m sorry if you weren’t there, but you can listen to the message on the church’s website and you will then know the rest of the story.
* On behalf of SCCC’s leadership, I would like to thank all of you that took the time to be a part of the Annual Meeting on Thursday evening. We appreciate your support and your prayers for this great church. For anyone still wanting to access the Annual Report, you can do so my clicking HERE.

* We are grateful for your affirmation of our two new deacons (Terry Cummins and Chuck Morton) and the reaffirmation for a second term of Grant Dafoe! So grateful for these folks who desire to serve our church family in this way!
* Please note that two proposed bylaw changes were also presented at the AGM. The congregation will vote on these proposed changes during the March 12 Worship service. The proposed amendments, made to two areas of our constitution, can be found at the end of this Pastor’s Desk. All proposed changes made to the bylaws are printed in red.
* We were so disappointed that we were unable to attend Estoy Contiga’s gala event at the church on Saturday Evening. We are still hearing such good reports. 3000. USD was raised for underprivileged families facing cancer in the Guaymas area. We feel honored that SCCC could provide the venue for this worthy event. It is a huge blessing to be able to give back to our community. It was a treat working with Rand Lewman, the organizer of the event. He did a marvelous job. Way to go, Rand!
 * Today, Feb 28 3:30-5:30pm – Through the generosity of Doug Burnie, we are offering a free CPR training at the church. Please call Doug if you’d like to register – 622 116-4795.
* “Co Dependents Anonymous” got off the ground yesterday with Mac and a significant group of people, excited about this new ministry. You are still welcome to join them. They meet every Monday – 10-11:30 am.
* Sermon Series: This week, we looked at Peter’s passage on holiness. “Be holy as I am holy” was the Lord’s words. But what does that mean? When we contemplate the word, “holy” so many different thoughts enter our minds. Peter shares three things about God; 1. God is holy. 2. He commands us to be holy and 3. God helps us to be holy. But what does it mean? Work or strive hard to be holy? Or as many of us at times do, we just breeze over that passage because we think, we could never measure up. We’d simply fail at being holy. Isn’t that just like the enemy to plant the thought in our minds that holiness is impossible. And yet Peter clearly states, as does the Hebrew writer, that without holiness, we cannot experience God. So if the enemy can cause us to strive for it or on the flip side, to run from it, we cannot experience God. So what do we do? We need to understand the definition of holiness. To be holy means to be “set apart”. We have been set apart by God, He’s declared that we are his chosen possession a royal priest and a holy nation. He made us holy, but He also calls us to continue in this journey of becoming holy. In that journey, we are “set apart” for him. We are not taken out of this world, but we are set apart for Him, within this world. So what does it mean to be holy? It means that we act like Jesus, set apart to make a difference in the lives of people in this world. We’re called to imitate Him and the challenge for us is to answer the question, “who are we imitating?”
Next week, we will continue in Peter by looking at spiritual maturity. I encourage you to read the book, formulate any questions you may have and let’s see what we together can glean from this great book.
It’s a great week to serve our Lord,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Proposed Bylaw Amendments – Vote on March 12

On March 12, as part of the Sunday am Service, the congregation will be asked to vote on the following amendments to SCCC’s Constutution and Bylaws, which are proposed to clarify issues in the 2016 ratified by-laws.

Two amendments follow: all proposed amendments are written in red.

1. Motion to amend Article Three, Section I, C of the Bylaws approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Congregation in February, 2016.

C. Term of Office – the Pastor-Elder:

  • shall be called for an indefinite term
  • may resign by giving the Church a sixty [60] day notice in writing
  • Remove this bullet point and replace with the bullet point which follows:                  may be dismessed by a unanimous vote of the Elders (excluding the Pastor-Elder). This decision must be based on the Pastor-Elder’s inability to conform to the qualifications and responsibilities as defined in Article Two, Sec. I, II, & III of these By-Laws
  • The Pastor Elder may be dismissed ­for cause at any time by a unanimous vote of the Elder Board (excluding the Pastor-Elder) or dismissed by a majority of the Elder Board (excluding the Pastor-Elder) and two-thirds (2/3) vote of the congregation at a called congregational meeting.  Any dismissal decision by the congregation must be based on the Pastor-Elder’s inability to conform to the qualifications and responsibilities as defined in Article Two, Sec. I, II, & III of these By-Laws. The congregation shall have two week notice by email to all attendees and must be convened during the months of November, December, January, February, or March.  Votes shall be by anonymous ballot and must be cast in person.
  • upon dismissal the Church will continue its financial obligation to him for sixty [60] days.
  1. Motion to amend Article Three, Section II, B of the Bylaws Approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Congregation in February, 2016.

Section II, B. Terms of Service:

  1. Terms of Service:
  • Elders are affirmed by the Congregation.
  • Every Elder (excluding the Pastor-Elder), beginning with the longest serving, will stand for reaffirmation every three years in staggered intervals with not more than two (2) elders standing for reaffirmation in any year.
  • Elders will serve until they are removed from the Board or not reaffirmed or until their relationship with SCCC is ended
  • a member of SCCC may bring an accusation against an Elder to the Elder Board for consideration
  • the Elder Board shall fully investigate any accusation brought by a member
  • an Elder may be removed for cause by unanimous vote of the sitting Elders(excluding the Elder being voted upon)
  • Elders may elect inactive status or resign
  • an Elder electing inactive status shall not have a vote in Elder decisions but may participate in discussions and services as available


Pastor’s Desk 2017-02-21

Good Morning SCCC Family,                                                                                       

* We’re having a great week with friends from back home. These guys have been in my life for about 20 years, walked with me through some very difficult times during my life. He was the best man at Jeannine and my wedding and she has become a great friend to Jeannine as well. We see them once a year, but we always continue right from where we left off. What a treat to have a few days with them.
* The Annual General Meeting happens Thursday evening at 6:30pm. All the Reports can all be accessed by clicking
HERE. If you are an attendee of SCCC, I encourage you to attend this very important evening. We’ll even get into a bit of dessert. Hope to see you there.

* Wow it did come together – SCCC folks were able to come alongside Castaway Kids and work together to bless our community. Larry Kalmbach, overseer from Castaway expressed his gratitude for all the great help. It was a great day and the kids at La Manga are already using the new play structure to the fullest. There is some great pictures on the church’s facebook page.
* Feb 28 3:30-5:30pm – Through the generosity of Doug Burnie, we are offering a free CPR training (2 hours) at the church. Please call Doug if you’d like to sign up 622 116-4795.

* “Co Dependents Anonymous” is a ministry I was introduced to by Stan McIntyre (Mac) just recently. Mac has moved to SC and has been attending our church over the last few months. I was encouraged by the things he shared with me and after hearing the testimony of one of our leader’s spouse, “CoDa absolutely changed my life”, we have agreed to provide room for CoDa to begin offering their program at the church – Mondays, Feb 27 10:00 – 11:30 AM.

* Sermon Series: This week, we looked at Peter’s passage on trials and hardships. I think the question I’m left with whenever life is throwing a bit of a curve ball, relates directly to how I see God. Will He come through? Will He truly walk with me? Will he truly help me? Many times, Its totally a faith journey as we don’t have all the answers to the “whys” of our story. And the question then becomes, can I live in the “mystery” of it all. When my focus is on “why me”, I find myself unwilling to live in that mystery. When my focus is on “I trust you, God”, that answer is always enough. That reality allows me to live through the situation with not knowing the why of every situation and it becomes satisfying to simply trust God and to live in the mystery. If you have to solve the mystery of every “why”, you will often become a very disappointed believer.

Next Sunday, we will look at one word – holy! If someone asked you, “are you holy,” how would you respond? God says, “be holy as I am holy”. Would we look at ourselves and define ourselves (to others) as holy? Why / Why not? Come explore with us next Sunday as we look at the question of holiness and what it does and doesn’t mean. I think it will be interesting.

It’s a great week to serve Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

* “What’s Up” @ San Carlos Community Church?

  • Mon – (10-11:30 AM) – “Co-dependents Anonymous” or “CoDa”
  • Mon – (3:30 PM) – Grief Share @ the Church
  • Tue – (10 & 1:30 PM) – “Sermon on the Mount” Ladies Bible Study
  • Wed – (9 – 10 AM) – Mountain Movers Prayer
  • Wed – (10:30 – 11:30 AM) – “Living in Christ” Bible Study with Sue Marston
  • Thurs – (8:30 – 10 AM) – Men’s Breakfast @ Tequila’s
  • Thurs – (3:30 – 5 PM) – Spanish Classes (Beginner & Intermediate)
  • Thurs – (6:30 PM) – AGM at the Church (All attendees welcome)
  • Friday – (3:30 – 5 PM) – Spanish Classes (Intermediate & Advanced)
  • Friday – (5:00 PM) – Youth Nite @ the Church
  • Sat – (5:00 PM) – Estoy Contigo Guaymas Benefit Concert @ SCCC
  • Tuesday Feb 28 (3:30-5:30 PM) – CPR course @ the church.
  • Friday  Mar 3 (6:00 PM) – Tucson Boy’s Choir @ SCCC