Pastor’s Desk 2018-02-20

Good Morning Church Family,
* This really shouldn’t be called “from the Pastor’s Desk” this morning. Today, a better title might be “from the Pastor’s Recliner.” As I’m typing, I see him. Its barely daylight, He looks fairly normal, but he does have a huge bag draped over his shoulder, no vehicle, he’s on foot (probably brings his normalcy into question) and now he stops. He has arrived and he’s getting prepared. I hope he’s got a flashlight cause he’s about to tee off from the “expert’s” tee on #6. I put down my computer and go to the window to observe. He carefully places the ball, pulls out his club, lines it up and as he swings, I hear that perfect reaction, not only from his club, but from his lips. Must have been a great shot.  And away he goes, flashlight in hand, in search of that little white ball. I hope he has a wonderful day and can “put behind” him, all that he does to make his life meaningful.  Only 12 more holes my friend! You can do it! Well, back to the recliner!

2018 AGM Ministry Report    (This Thursday @ 6:00 PM at the Church)

* If you are a regular attendee of SCCC, please make it a priority to attend and participate in the Annual Meeting on Thursday @ the church 6:00 PM. There will be opportunities to ask questions, gain insight into the direction of our church and to participate in the choice of our future leaders and some potential bylaw changes. All of the relevant information can be accessed by clicking the above link.

* Missions “Field Tour” – Leaves the church, Friday at 9:00 am sharp. There is still some room left on the bus for you to see the local missions connected with our church.
* Ladies Conference – Not only are we having a Ladies Conference on Sat, March 3rd, the guest speaker, Cinthia Hiett, will also be speaking at the Sunday morning service. You remember the gold “ole” days when the youth typically presented the entire Sunday morning service? Well the ladies have swapped a good “ole” days idea for a good “new” day idea & they will host the entire service on that Sunday.
            Ladies – get your tickets soon for Saturday’s Conference.
            Men – you do not need a ticket for Sunday! Just come!
* Prayer

  • Missionary of the Week: Heather Hicks (Reconciled World)
  • Deacon of the Week: Jim McClelland (SCCC Missions) 

* The “Hey Guy” series – After returning from exile in Babylon, God’s people have been tasked with rebuilding God’s Temple. They eagerly laid the foundation but because of opposition and their own selfish priorities, they stopped working for 16 years.  Haggai was called on the scene to mobilize the people to get back on the job. After putting God back at the center of their lives, they went to work doing what they were called to do. That’s how chapter one ended.
            While chapter 1 dealt with the people’s indifference in doing God’s work, Chapter 2 deals with the anxieties they faced while doing God’s work. One month after being re motivated to do God’s work, they had once again become discouraged. Those who remembered the old temple, realized that the new temple being built, just didn’t compare with the glory days of the old temple. Discouragement and anxiety are issues they faced, but they are very real issues that you and I also face in our lives.
            We learned in the first five verses of chapter 2, that we must put the past behind if we want to move forward. That means both the good and the bad elements of our past. We must avoid comparing with how things used to be, stop focusing on flaws, and stop overstating issues.  We’re called to be strong, to get back to work and to not fear. And we can do that when we make God #1, because more than some cheap cliché, He really Is with us, for us and within us.
            The challenge for us is to celebrate what God is doing today as opposed to longing for paradigms of the past. Let’s live in the “good now days” today, as God is doing some very amazing things in our midst.
            In this coming week’s passage (2:6-9), we’re going to see that a focus on the future will help us deal with discouragement today. God is not finished with us yet. The best is yet to come because God’s glory days have a huge future element.
Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine
Events this Week:

  1. Today @ 10am or 1:30 pm – Women’s “War Room” Study (Judy Long)
  2. Wed @ 9:00 AM – Women’s Prayer time at the Church (Christie)
  3. Wed @ 10:30 AM – Co-Ed Bible Study (Sue Marston)
  4. Wed @ 5:00 PM – “Journey to Manhood” (Steve McLean)
  5. Wed @ 7:00 PM – “Spanish Service” (Ed & Jennifer)
  6. Thur @ 8:30 AM – Men’s Study & Fellowship @ Tequila’s (David Long)
  7. Thur @ 10:00 AM – Men’s Prayer Time @ Tequila’s (John New)
  8. Thur @ 3:30-5:00 PM – Intermediate Spanish Class (Jennifer Hudson)
  9. Thur @ 6:00 PM – AGM (Annual General Meeting of SCCC)
  10. Fri @ 9:00 AM – Mission Field Tour, leaving the church 9:00 Sharp!
  11. Fri @ 5:00 PM – Youth Nite at the Church (Matt Wyka)
  12. Sun @ 9:00 AM – Bilingual Children’s Church for Under 12 (Mayra)
  13. Sun @ 9:00 AM – Adult Worship Service (Simultaneous Translation) 
  14. Mon @ 10:00 AM – CoDa with “Mac” (Stan McIntyre)
  15. Mon @ 3:33 PM – Griefshare with Christie, Rebecca & Meg 

Coming Events @ SCCC:

  1. Mar 3 @ 8:00–4:00 PM Ladies Retreat w/ Cynthia Hiett
  2. Mar 23 @ 5:30 PM – Tucson Boy’s Choir @ SCCC
  3. Mar 27-28 – Semana Santa Children’s Event @ SCCC
  4. April 2 @ 6:00 PM – Monday Night at the Movies @ SCCC

Pastor’s Desk 2018-02-13

Good Morning Church Family,

 * Had to make a quick trip to Guaymas yesterday. The lady in my life, several weeks earlier, had gently informed me that flowers on Valentine’s Day (that’s tomorrow guys) were too predictable a response from her man. She ishares that flowers ought to be a true surprise and she would prefer that they arrive on alternate and random days of the year – you know its one of those speeches that us guys don’t understand really well! Anyway, after the morning deacon’s meeting, thinking I had a little time before my bride would wonder where her groom had wondered off to, I carefully raced into Guaymas, straight to that great little shop and within a few minutes, scored that little bouquet that was going to offer those valuable points that husbands sometimes require. 45 minutes later, I walk in the door, holding my treasure in an arm hidden from her view and boldly, yes boldly spoke up, “remember how you said, you didn’t want me being predicable on Valentine’s Day?” Yes, she said and with that I revealed my treasure to a “glee filled” response and well, a couple of wonderful hugs and kisses thrown in for good measure. It was fun. But Now, what to do on Valentine’s Day! Thinking about buying her a “gopher” gun! Maybe she’d be more careful with it than I was. If you don’t get that comment you weren’t at the Sunday service!

* 2018 AGM Ministry Report          (Feb 22nd @ 6:00 PM at the Church)

View in OneDrive

 * The AGM is an ultra important day in the life of our Church. This is about “where we’ve been and where we’re going” as a church family and we would really appreciate you participating in this evening. You will also be asked to participate in the election of new elders and deacons. There are also some proposed bylaw changes. Just click on the above link to peruse all the respective reports, finances, bylaw changes, potential elders and deacons and the pastor’s report.      

* Missions Field Tour – Friday Feb. 23 (bus leaves the church at 9:00 am sharp). If you’ve not had a chance to see these ministry locations, this is a great opportunity for you. There is no cost involved and even the lunch will be provided. Don’t miss out as these tours always fill up quickly.

            Tour will include Howard & Susan’s Bible School, Belen Casa de Pan (Devon & Marisol), Maggie (Amor, Agua y Mas), King’s Kids (Jesse & Jenny), Ancla de Amor (Brian & Clarissa) and Casa de Esperanza (Art & Brenda Koenes).

 * Ladies Conference – This is going to be an amazing event for our church. How exciting to hear about all the interest from folks in our community. We’re praying this will be an event that will greatly impact the lives of all who attend. It looks like it will be a sold out event and tickets are limited. So get them soon, ladies!

            The Theme – “A MUSTARD SEED….CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS”

We’re thrilled that Cinthia Hiett will be staying over to preach the March 4, Sunday morning service as well. She has a special message on her heart for our church family.

 * Prayer

  • Missionary of the Week: Howard & Susan Dyck (the Bible School)
  • Deacon of the Week: Art Koenes (SCCC Deacon Chair)

 * Last Week, we finished the 1st chapter of the book of Haggai. What a welcome reaction as the people responded to God’s challenge to give Him priority in their lives. They may have procrastinated and become self-absorbed in their own lives, but now they were ready to move on and complete the plan as directed 16 years earlier. The “light” finally went on for this remnant, as the Lord now calls them and it was literally an “awe filled’ moment as they realized how blinded they had become to the Lord’s direction.

            I think the part that I still find overwhelming is the immediate response of our Lord. They had messed up, but as soon as they recognized how they had failed, the Lord reassured them and immediately promises them, “I will be with you.” Those kinds of encouragements from the Lord are so prevalent throughout the Bible and equally as  available to you and I today. Follow Him with a whole heart, follow Him in obedience and He will be right there with you in every part of your life’s story!

            I love the way its translated in the New Living Translation – God “sparked the enthusiasm of Zerubbalel, Joshua and the entire remnant.” This response resulted in theme carrying out the work as God had directed. Its like when you respond to God’s voice, to God’s leadings, God responds to you! He makes it happen when we partner with Him. And that’s the beauty of this. We find our value, our worth and our satisfaction as we respond to Him. And the challenge we were left with was responding to the question, “what is God asking you to do?” If you’ve lost sight of that direction, get back on track and come back to that place of fulfillment.

            Next Sunday, Chapter 2. – Notice the shift in Haggai’s message. In Chapter one, God was addressing the indifference in their lives. But now in chapter two, God deals with the anxiety they face as they try to do God’s work. He has promised to be with them. So as you read ahead, watch for how God ministers to them (to us) when they/we get anxious.

Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2018-02-06

Good Morning Church Family,
* Okay, I know, my Super Bowl prediction was in fact all wrong, but what a great game on Sunday. During the 1st quarter, Ruth Ann sent Jeannine a text about Nick Foles. the Eagle’s quarterback (now St. Nick). Its worth the read as Nick at one point almost retired from football, but felt the Lord stirring him to stay and play. His ultimate goal is to become a pastor and in between seasons, he is studying toward that goal. So at that point in the game, I did switch my loyalties and yes, I began to cheer for the Eagles. (Isn’t that convenient?) But hey, He may be the next athlete who causes people to “pause and ponder.” Read the article at:
* Medical Team – What a treat to watch some of you and to hear about others of you who helped out with the Medical Team this last week. Once again, Art and Brenda and team have facilitated an amazing time of caring for people and communities from SC, Guaymas, Empalme, Vicam, Potam and others. I know over 300 patients were seen in one day at some of the locations. This is an incredible act of love which allowed them to not only care physically for these people, but spiritually as well.
We had dinner with one of the “first time” volunteers last evening. He shared how the whole event had been so well organized with many ways to genuinely care for the needs of the people. He was so impressed. Hat’s off to you all! 

* Games Night @ the Church (Monday Feb 12 @ 6:00 PM) “Bible Quiz”. Sign up in the foyer for this non intimidating night of fellowship, fun and prizes!
* Spanish Classes (intermediate level) with Jennifer Hudson begin on Thursday at 3:30 PM at the church.
* The Annual General Meeting of San Carlos Community Church takes place on Thursday Feb. 22 @ 6:00PM. We would love to see everyone of you attend. Its your opportunity to hear what’s happened, to see where we’re going and to participate in the election of four new deacons and two new elders for SCCC. Dessert will accompany the evening’s activities. Please mark your calendars for this ultra important evening in our church life.
            This coming Thursday, everyone who receives the “Pastor’s Desk will receive a link, which when clicked on, will take you to the church’s private one drive where you can see all the ministry reports, the year end financial status, the proposed budget for this coming year and a brief writeup and photos of potential new elders and deacons. In an effort to conserve printing costs, there will not be any written copies of this report. A link will be included in Sunday’s bulletin as well for those who do not receive the Pastor’s Desk.
* Missions Field Tour – Ever wonder where those missionaries we recently shared the weekend with fulfill their part of the Lord’s work? Jim McClelland, as he said he would based on your interest, has put together a tour for Friday, Feb 23. You will need to set aside the daytime hours for this tour of six of our partner locations. Beginning with Howard & Susan’s Bible School, and including Belen Casa de Pan (Devon & Marisol), Maggie (Amor, Agua y Mas), King’s Kids (Jesse & Jenny), Ancla de Amor (Brian & Clarissa) and Casa de Esperanza (Art & Brenda Koenes). Time of departure to be determined, but you will be leaving from the church on a “charter” bus, (well a borrowed bus). Lunch will be served along the way. Sign Up Sheets will be available shortly.
* Mark your calendars, Ladies!
           Women’s Retreat coming Saturday, March 3, 8AM to 4PM
           with speaker, Cinthia Hiett, LPC, Limited seating. Tickets required.
           Asking donation of 300 pesos. Reservations available soon.
           Follow Cinthia at
* Prayer

  • Missionary of the Week: Brandon & Bethany Baird (House Parents @ King’s Kids)
  • Deacon of the Week: Maris Kalmbach (Finance, Rentals and Janitorial)
  • Mary Ann & Jim McKinney – Cancer treatments for the next month. A note from Jim – “* . . . I wanted to let you know we left early Monday.  Mary Ann had her trial run in the machine today and will start her daily treatments tomorrow morning. Mostly I want to thank you and the congregation for all of the prayers and well wishes. I really feel in my heart that they are working.  Everything has gone well and the prognosis is good.  I enjoyed Sunday and will keep tuned up listening to you on line.”    Jim McKinney

* Last Week, we continued in the book of Haggai 1:5-11. As we read, we saw what seemed like a monster, rather than our loving God. Everything the people has strived to attain was blown away by the Lord and all their labor resulted in “empty pockets” and a financial catastrophe.
            And yet, the common thread of Haggai is, “no matter what I did, you would not return to me, says the Lord.” For 490 + years, they had ignored the Lord and pursued their own interests. Now the Lord, not out or spite or hatred, but out of love and out of a deep longing for a relationship with the nation He had promised to bless, was doing what He needed to do to get His people’s attention.
            While the disappointing things we go through may not be the Lord vying for our attention, they could be. Remember it isn’t a hard and fast rule of how the Lord functions. But like the nation of Judah who was going through this horrendous time, he wants us to “pause and ponder”, to evaluate our own stories when we face difficult times. He wants us to “look and learn” from our personal situation, and if God is vying for our attention, He wants us to “go and get”, he wants us to move forward and seek out a way to make the appropriate changes needed to give Him first place in our lives.
            The Lord is very clear in our text – the only thing Christianity cannot be is moderately important and from His deep and loving passionate desire for a satisfying relationship with you, He will do what He needs to do to get your attention. And once He has it and once you give Him the honor He deserves, you will find your life fully satisfying.
            Haggai – to be continued next week!
Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2018-01-30

Good Morning Church Family,
* What a great evening last night with Mark, Elsa and Marcos Mulligan. Inspirational music, Marcos and Mark sharing about their time in Haiti – some heart rending, but also impactful stories and a chance to hear Elsa sing with Mark. Loved it all. I’m told there was 180 people there and together, we raised 42,000 pesos, half of which will further the mission Mark was at in Haiti and the other half to further our church’s benevolence fund. Thank you Mark and Marcos for all that you shared with us. It is so appreciated.
* Its such a great time of the year at SCCC and the place is busy. Just to give you an idea, there was 254 adults in the service plus the 25 kids and workers in Children’s Church last Sunday. If you look at the “Events this Week” list which follows, you can see the place is humming with many different ministries impacting many different groups of people. Jeannine and I used to try and attend all of it. Its no longer possible. But isn’t that the way it should be – more people empowered to do all that God wants to do through His people at SCCC. It is not without growing pains, but it is thrilling to watch.
* The AGM (Annual General Meeting) is just around the corner (Feb 22) and the Elders finished the interviews with potential elders, those nominated who were willing to let their names stand. Two names have come forward for your affirmation vote at the AGM. They are (drum roll) Grant Dafoe and Chuck Morton. Both are presently serving in deacon roles, which means that we now have those shoes to fill as well on the deacon team. Those interviews will be completed this week and we will announce the candidates for the deacon positions in next week’s Pastor’s Desk.
            There is a proposed change in bylaws which you will also be asked to consider at the AGM. Two major changes are being brought forward. The first is making the Elder Role a “term position.” The second relates to changes in the oversight of the church finances, making it more of a deacon responsibility.
            The AGM Reports should be posted to our church’s “One Drive” this week where you will be able to review all the information prior to the AGM. The link will be sent out once its all been uploaded. (Leaders, please get your reports to Mayra by tomorrow if you haven’t already done so.)
* Fellowship Night @ the Church – This year we took “Potlucks” off of the “fellowship table”, but we’re replacing one of them with a Games Night. Coming on Feb 12 @ 6:00 PM, we’re inviting you to sign up for a fun night of “Bible Quiz”. In this friendly, “noncompetitive” environment (what? you’ve got to be kidding – noncompetitive!), you’ll be divided into teams to answer the questions and to vie for the prizes. Our own youth director, you know that “Matt” guy, thinks he has put together the winning team. What do you think, people? We are looking forward to a great night of fun and fellowship. Imagine there could be some snacks and stuff as well.
* Mark your calendars, Ladies – Our very First Women’s Retreat
     With guest speaker – Cinthia Hiett LPC
     Theme – “Faith of a mustard seed…can move mountains”
     Saturday, March 3, 2018 – 8:00am – 4:00pm (Reservation Required)
     Follow Cinthia at
* A note of appreciation for the many prayers from Ellen Flores – “I Want you to know how much your prayers were appreciated. When I see an e-mail “Someone just prayed for you” – it brightens my day. I just had my staples taken out – 9 with 14 stitches to go.  My Drs. are very pleased with everything. I had a shoulder replacement.  I showed horses on the circuit for 10 yrs.  and unfortunately, these sports have a habit of taking a toll on the old body.  I had a damaged rotor cup and a 2″ tear.  The Drs. tried several things, but nothing worked so my only choice was a replacement or quit using my right arm. I am on the mend, so I think God was with me. Thanks so much!” Hugs!!  Ellen
* Prayer

  • Missionary of the Week: Maggie (Amor, Aqua y Mas)
  • Deacon of the Week: Bob Gibson – Treasurer

 * Last Week, we began a sermon series in the book of Haggai (Hey Guy). My hope over the next few weeks is to continue to build on the opening series of the year “At the Core”, again reflecting on who we are and why we’re here. The timing of Haggai follows years of the Israelites dismissing who God was to them. It had resulted in the destruction of the 10 Northern tribes by the Assyrians in 711 BC, after 20 ungodly Kings had served that part of the divided Kingdom. And in the South – Though 8 of the 19 Kings who reigned the Southern Kingdom of Judah had followed the Lord, they too, had an “on again, off again” experience with the Lord and it resulted in their being taken into exile in Babylon in 586 BC.
            At the writing of this book, 70 years later, Persia had conquered Babylon and King Cyrus had allowed three different groups of Jews to return to the promised land to rebuild the temple and once again restore the nation. The sad part is the Lord had even moved the heart of a pagan king to allow them to return to their homeland. That king had provided monies and resources to do the rebuilding. And after only two years of attempting to rebuild a place for God’s presence in their homeland, the Jews began to procrastinate and become more consumed with their own interests. The temple work had come to a standstill and for the last 16 years, they had done nothing.
            Haggai comes on the scene and speaking on behalf of the Lord, challenges their procrastination of the Lord’s work and secondly challenges them to put their Lord back in the center of their lives. This is where we find our application as believers. Like the Israelites, many people see Jesus as Nice, but they don’t see Him as Necessary. So the questions we’re challenged to answer are: am I making excuses when it comes to doing the Lord’s work. And secondly, has the Lord simply become a slice of my life or is He in the center of my life? Hope to see you next week for the ongoing sagas found in Haggai.
Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2018-01-23

Good Morning Church Family,
* Wow, what a weekend we had! There is so many positives that I could share.

  • Thanks to Jim McClelland and the Missions Team for their organization and their attention to detail. Great job – Terry, Becky, Gabriela, Brandon & Connie.
  • Thanks to all the missionaries who came and presented their ministries the way you did. Your effort is greatly appreciated.
  • To now have a sanctuary that accommodates us like it does, what a treat.
  • I would have loved to hear all of the missionary’s stories, but time always seems to be an issue. Thank you so much for those of you who shared on Sat & Sun.
  • Read any & all of our Missionary Newsletters and Updates by Clicking HERE
  • So good to have Scott & Dana Clement and Tom & Renee Kindell (new missionaries to our area) join us for the convention. It was great to see the new connections which were forming.
  • I loved seeing the positive interaction between ministries.
  • Gabriela & Miguel provided Spanish translation for our Spanish speaking friends. We actually ran out of translation devices on Sunday! The house was packed.
  • Worship on Sunday, led by another of our missionaries – Thanks Ruth VK.
  • Thank you to Brenda Koenes and team for the great food and the friendly service.
  • Others of you from the church family also helped in set up and serving. Your positive attitude in the kitchen was such a delight to observe.
  • Linda Bowden, along with John & Gail Shaw not only ministered to the missionaries on the issue of discouragement, they also gave of themselves in praying for each of them individually.
  • Thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible. You turned our weekend into a huge celebration!

 * I talked with Nancy Dreiling last evening and wanted to share with you about Chuck’s “Celebration of Life” Service. The Service will be “live streamed” on the Internet on Saturday, Jan 27 @ 1:00 PM Pacific Time (For those of you in San Carlos, it will be 2:00PM) To watch the service, go to, where you will see the live broadcast option. 
            While Nancy rejoices for Chuck and his new home, there is still a huge sense of loss for her and their families, so I encourage you to be praying for them today and in the days to come.
* Mark Mulligan – MONDAY Evening – Jan 29 @ 6:00 PM – Mark is coming back for another great evening at SCCC. He and Marcos are back from their Mission trip in Haiti. It will be a great night of stories and music from one of our favorite people. You will leave inspired and encouraged. There is no fee to attend, however we will provide an opportunity to give a love offering, the proceeds of which will be divided evenly between our church’s Benevolence fund and one of Mark’s mission events.
* Sue Marston’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Ever wondered what some of those “Words” Theologians use, really mean? Ever wonder if there’s even a practical application of them to your life? There is no longer any reason to be intimidated by the use of words which at first glance may not seem understandable. Over the next 8-10 weeks, Sue Marston will be defining and making a present day application of words like Righteousness, Sanctification, Redemption, Atonement, Justification, Propitiation, Adoption and Wisdom. This is co-ed class open to anyone who would like to come.
* Rotary Talk – thanks for your prayers, 34 people were in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting. It was a great opportunity to share how our church connects with the community, the things we do and the reason we do them. I shared that what we do is not a means of earning our salvation, but our motivation for doing the things we do as a church, is a love response to our God for all He has done for us. It seemed that the message was well received and it was a great opportunity to connect with people who truly care about and are making a difference in providing education for children in our community.
* There will be another Cookie Sunday this Sunday, Jan 28. After this, we are back on track with Cookie Sundays every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Thank you to all of you for the cookies and the kind service on these special days.
* An FYI – George & Barbara Anderson have sold their home and are moving to Green Valley. They will be leving this week and we wish them God’s best as they establish a new home in a new location.
* Prayer

  • Selection of new Elders and Deacons
  • Missionary of the Week: Heather Rix (Missionary Gospel Fellowship)
  • Deacon of the Week: Christie Forester – Facility/Fellowship Events

 Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2018-01-16

Good Morning San Carlos,
*  What do you do with interruptions? Those of you who were in the Sunday Service understand my comment. Wow, I’ve had a lot of feedback as to what people felt and observed during that interruption, actually a very diverse set of observations, observations from it being a humorous moment to this being all out spiritual warfare and any number of ideas in-between. I don’t know, couldn’t tell you.
            I suppose the interrupter may simply be a drunk (your words) who wondered into the service at an inopportune time OR perhaps, deep down within himself, maybe he was looking for something else in life but didn’t have the courage to show up for church without the “cervasa” crutch. Other than the Spirit of God, none of us knows for sure! But life is full of interruptions. Will they throw us off course? Or will they only distract us momentarily?
            But I got to tell you, no one could be more grateful than I when Terry Cummins, lovingly, yet firmly dealt with the situation at hand. Every pastor is extremely grateful for that kind of help from his leadership team.
* I’m kind of stoked as I get to share at the Rotary Club breakfast this morning. Received the call on Saturday from Steve Reidel asking, if I’d come talk to them about our church, its growth, but in particular how we connect with community as a church. It’s a wonderful lead in to share about the missionaries we support and work with and to share about the many of you who see your participation with them as an outflow of your faith journey. It relates so wonderfully to the core values I’ve been sharing with you over the last few weeks. I would surely appreciate your prayers this morning as I share with them.
* Hey, our big weekend is finally here – Missions Convention and we’re looking forward to a great time connecting with our missionaries. It will also be a Cookie Sunday so if you’ve got some favorite kinds, why not bring them to share with the folks on Sunday.
            But I really want to highlight the Saturday 1:00 – 3:00 Pm “Meet and Greet” with all the missionaries. There will be snacks, and displays & videos, etc. Three of our missionaries will share a 8 minute talk about their particular mission. And like Jim says, “a positive response will encourage us to organize a bus tour to the local missions.” We did several of these a few years ago and introduced many of you to these, sometimes “hard to find” locations and what a treat to have these missionaries both show you and then speak to you about what they are doing, definitely touched many hearts!
* Mark Mulligan – Jan 29 @ 6:00 PM @ SCCC – Mark is coming back for another great evening at SCCC. He and Marcos have just returned from a Mission trip in Haiti and besides singing many of your favorites that evening, he will be sharing some of the stories of their trip to this so often devastated nation. There will be an opportunity to make a donation for the concert and the proceeds will be divided evenly between our church’s Benevolence fund and one of Mark’s mission events.
* Prayer

  • Chuck & Nancy Dreiling – Chuck has a new home in heaven. Please pray for Nancy and their family as they grieve their loss.
  • Selection of new Elders and Deacons
  • Missionary of the Week: Heather Rix (Missionary Gospel Fellowship)
  • Deacon of the Week: Christie Forester – Facility/Fellowship Events

* Last Sunday, we looked at another core value of our church. The two words which would sum up the message are “Reproducing Me.” We looked at what discipleship is and what it isn’t through the model that Jesus used to influence his 12 disciples. Discipleship is more than Christian education, coffee & cookies and Scripture memorization. Those are all good, but they are not the end goal in themselves.
            But it’s the Great Commission (Mt 28:19-20) that is at the heart of discipleship. Its understanding multiplication through reproduction – that is that we are all challenged to reproduce ourselves. And each of us are called to mentor other believers with the gifts we have been given.
            Jesus model was a “hands on learning” model and we used the acronym “IDEA” to define it. 1. Instruct – teaching them in a real life situation; 2. Demonstrate – how to practically do that in a real life situation; 3. Expose – Have them do what He did in a real life situation; and 4. Assess what happened in that real life situation.
            And the challenge for each of us is to consider what we’ve learned on our spiritual journies, that we could use to bring life to someone else. Who is it that could benefit spiritually from what I’ve learned and then, am I willing to commit, even though I’m not perfect, to multiplying at least one spiritual discipline or quality in someone else?
            Who is it that God would have you to influence?
Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2018-01-09

Good Morning San Carlos, 

* Facebook is a little richer this week with some of your pictures as you gathered for worship last Sunday. I hope you checked it out on the church’s facebook page. Notice the smiles! What a warm bunch of people gathered for worship. Notice the comments from people who saw you!!! I see some of the expensive seats in the front didn’t sell, but there’s two extra rows of people up in the balcony that you can’t see because they set up some extra chairs behind the risers after the balcony got full. Its got to be the best and the busiest time of the year! As I mentioned Sunday, the worship team represents 4 nations (or 5); people from a multitude of denominations; Spanish, English and a little “low” German last week – “ach der liebe”; children, teens and adults and its all good! So glad you and I can be part of worship amidst this wonderful diversity!

 Allow me to express my gratitude to you for several things:

* Firstly, to you as attendees of SCCC – Thank You for taking the time to consider who to nominate as a potential elder or deacon. Over the last few years, we have moved to this format with the deacon role, but this year, we’ve also moved in this direction with the selection of elders. We want our church family to freely participate in sensing/observing who the Lord would have to bring leadership to our church family. I am grateful to all of you who have taken time to prayerfully consider who these people could be.

 * Secondly, a number of you came to the church last Friday and Saturday to spend an hour praying for the Church, for the people, for the ministries and for the missionaries the church supports. We believe that prayer is the foundation for effective ministry and I am personally so grateful that you would take the time to participate. Thanks to Bob & Catherine Gibson for all you did to make this possible.

* In less than two weeks – the SCCC Missions Conference will be here. Special events are planned for the day on Saturday (Jan 20) – booths, displays & missionary presentations. Sunday’s service (Jan 21) will be dedicated to time with our missionaries and our special guest, Linda Bowden, herself a longtime missionary, will bring the message. Full details will be presented this coming Sunday.

 * Read some of the latest updates from our missionaries: Click HERE

 * Watch the Kid’s Christmas Presentation by clicking HERE

 * Mark Mulligan – Jan 29 @ 6:00 PM – Mark is coming back for another great evening at SCCC. He and Marcos are presently on a Mission trip in Haiti and besides singing many of your favorites that evening, he will be sharing some of the stories of their trip to this so often devastated nation. There will be an opportunity to make a donation for the concert and the proceeds will be divided evenly between our church’s Benevolence fund and one of Mark’s mission events.

* Prayer

  • Missionary of the Week: Gabriela Montemayor (Guaymas Prison Ministry)
  • Deacon of the Week: Grant Dafoe (Civil Association / Building Maintenance)
  • Mark & Marcos Mulligan presently on a Mission trip in Haiti.
  • Ellen Flores had another surgery yesterday (Jan 8)
  • Sonya & Earl Harris – Trying to find the right medications to deal with her tremors.
  • Selection of new Elders and Deacons

* Last Sunday, we looked at a core value of our church. The two words which would sum up the message are “Connect and Equip”. Paul left us a wonderful model of how to influence a community and its equally as effective today. While Paul had entered a city with a plethora of idols, he connects with them in such a positive way. He was firstly courteous. Though he was distraught over the idols, he treated the people with respect. 2. He was contemporary. He tried to build bridges by making a connection between their “unknown god” and the true God. 3. He was courageous and told them he would tell them about this unknown God. 4. He was Christ centered. He gave them a great theology lesson about who God is. 5. He called for a commitment. And the results were similar to what they are today – some refused, some were reluctant and some became believers. The challenge for each of us is to recognize that Paul was in the “market place” on a daily basis. He lived a life of influence in both the church and the marketplace. The most natural question to come out of this text is Christ visible in me when I’m in the marketplace? Do people want what I have when they see me? Its both a great question and a great challenge for everyone of us.

Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2018-01-02

Happy New Year Church Family,
* Its 2018 and it’s the new Year! But what a great couple of weeks we’ve had connecting with friends and new acquaintences. We’ve been able to meet some of your families who have come to visit for the holidays. Some, we’ve only had the chance to say hello to, but what a treat. We’ve been out for dinners and such, only to meet other new folks, who we maybe didn’t see in church, but who introduce themselves to us and express how much they enjoyed the service last Sunday. I think half of the balcony last Sunday was people from Loma del Mar. Kind of ironic that they’re in the balcony – I’m thinking it might be the “gated community” appearance of our balcony that’s the draw! Perhaps its just the sweet presence of the Lord that we’ve been sensing in the services! Its just been a great Christmas season in SC & SCCC. Jeannine and I are so grateful for the many acts of kindness shown to us over this past year and particularly the many blessings we received through out the Christmas season. It really is special to us and we are grateful. Whether its words or treats, events or emails, visits or lunches, texts or a personal word – each one Is deeply appreciated. Thankyou from both Jeannine and I for your many kindnesses to us.
* and now . . . on to 2018
* There is no better way to start out the New Year than with Prayer and this Friday & Saturday, (8:00 – 5:00) right at the church, we’re asking you to come for just one hour and pray for God’s direction, guidance and protection over our church, its families and ministries and for our missionary connections. There will be written prayer guides available for you to follow as you pray. The hour will be gone so quickly, you may want to stay longer and that’s okay. But I really encourage you as this is something everyone can do, please come and pray for one hour, on either day and let’s cover our church in prayer as we begin 2018.
* This is also your last weekend to nominate potential elders and deacons for our church leadership. Would you prayerfully consider who you would like to see helping bring guidance to our church in either of these roles. There is a handout with the expectations of both roles on the table at the back of the sanctuary. And I would be glad to answer any questions you may have relating to this.
* Jeannine shared one of her devotions from Greg Laurie with me last week. It really sums up our goals and our reason for being in 2018. I trust that Sunday’s message gave you some tools to consider how you might develop and/or fine tune your own goals for 2018.  If we implement these, we really can make 2018 the greatest year ever with God’s help. I’d like to share that devotional with you:
The Great Debate (by Greg Laurie)
“By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.” —John 15:8 For hundreds of years, Christians have been debating predestination. How did God choose us? Why did God choose us? Whom did God choose? However, they miss altogether the reason He chose us.
Rather than debating how or why you were chosen, why don’t you focus on what you were chosen to do? If you have put your faith in Jesus Christ and call yourself a Christian, then I can tell you on the authority of the Scriptures that you have been chosen by God.
So let’s stop debating and instead focus on what we were chosen to do. We were chosen for a purpose. And what is that purpose? It’s to bring forth fruit. Jesus said, “By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples” (John 15:8).
So the question that begs to be asked is how are you doing with this? To put it another way, what are you doing for Heaven’s sake? What are you doing for the kingdom of God while you are on Earth?
Sadly, many of us squander a great portion of our lives in the pursuit of nothingness. I once read that on average, Americans will spend about 15 years of their lives watching television. I think today people spend more time on the Internet than they do watching TV. I am not saying there is anything inherently evil about watching television or being on the Internet. But I am saying it is very easy to waste time. Then ironically we’ll say, “I just don’t have time to read the Bible. I just don’t have time to pray. I really don’t have time this week to go to church. I am just so busy.”
Let’s use our lives for the glory of God.
* Guests – So many of our regular attendees had gone home for Christmas and yet the church was packed last Sunday. Wow, we’ve had so many guests over the last few weeks and many have come simply because some of you took the time to make people aware of or to introduce them to our church. Not everyone who comes knows Christ, but maybe, their time at SCCC and with you will cause them to consider who Christ could be in their lives.
* Cookie Sunday – Just a sweet thank you for all of you who serve on Cookie Sundays. The Christmas “Cookie Sunday” was a total treat, seeing you prepare to serve, seeing the fun attitude in the kitchen, seeing some new folks involved and helping – and thanks for all the cookies which you folks have brought to make this time possible. Thank you for preparing for this purposeful part of our SCCC Ministry. What an awesome environment the Cookie Sundays create to enjoy each other, to connect with new folks and to show Christ’s love to each other.
* Sue Marston is back and will begin her weekly, Co-Ed Bible Studies on Wed, Jan 10 @ 10:30am. This year, she is taking some of those unique words from the Bible, the ones we find difficult to understand and she will be presenting the intent behind those words and sharing how they relate practically to us today.
* Here’s some dates to save – Missions Convention, with special guest Linda Bowden, is coming Jan 19-21 right here at SCCC. Many of the missionaries we support will have booths set up that weekend for you to connect with them and see the ongoing work of their ministries. Special events throughout the weekend. Linda, a long time missionary, will also be speaking at the Sunday Service. More details to follow in next week’s Pastor’s Desk.

* This week, we have highlighted the Elders who serve our Church family for Prayer. They include: David Long, Steven McLean and John New. Please be praying for them. We also encourage you to be praying for one of the elders who can’t be with us this winter, Chuck Dreiling, who is back home and battling with Cancer. Please pray for each of them and their families.

We wish each of you a Happy New Year!
Glenn & Jeannine

Pastor’s Desk 2017-12-26

Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Its Christmas! Its times like this that you have to appreciate technology. When your family members live 100’s of kilometers apart or more, yet you can get on facetime or something similar and still connect. As I perused facebook this morning, I see the many family gatherings and friend gatherings and it just kind of lights you up as you see people enjoying one another. Its good isn’t it! I know, its not being there, but it’s the next best thing. I hope your Christmas was a delight and you got to enjoy some special connections. 

* Mayra and her kids blessed us on Sunday. The kids sometimes tell us how shy they are to get up front, but they always respond when the moment arrives and they didn’t disappoint us this time either. Thanks kids, thanks Mayra and team for all you did. And then we sang the familiar carols with John New and team. Such good traditions at Christmas.

* Allow me to highlight a few things this morning. 

1.  We are beginning the New Year with Prayer and asking for your participation. We are dependent of our Lord and we’re asking Him to give our church family a year of fruitful harvest and blessing. We are praying for His guidance and direction to this end.

  • Jan 5-6 (Friday & Saturday) at the Church from 8:00am -5:00pm.
  • “Sign Up” sheets for your hour of choice are posted in the foyer.
  • Please commit to a minimum of one hour on either day!
  • There will be printed guides for you to use to pray.
  • If you’d like to pray longer, you are free to do so.

“Prayer is not the only thing we should do – but it is the first thing we should do.”

 2. The Leadership of SCCC has chosen to make a shift in their terms and in the selection of elders:

  • Elders will now serve three-year terms.
  • Elders can serve a maximum of two terms prior to taking a 1-year break.
  • Elders may serve a second term – with congregational affirmation at the AGM.
  • Church Attendees may nominate potential elders annually.
  • Potential elders will be vetted with the same process as potential deacons presently are.
  • After vetting is completed, potential elders will be presented to the congregation two weeks prior to the AGM with a congregational affirmation vote at the AGM. 

Requirements for Elders are listed in our church constitution (Constitution and Bylaws Click HEREand are based on passages of Scripture including 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:6-9. We have included a list of expectations which are a practical outflow of those verses and others. They are listed at the end of this document.

We now invite you as congregants to initiate this process by prayerfully choosing people from our congregation who could fulfill these roles. As with potential deacons, we invite you to consider who might be well qualified to fill these roles, to then fill out a nomination slip, to sign it and place it in the appropriate box in the church foyer. Elder nominations will be accepted until January 10, 2017.

 3. Please mark your calendars for our upcoming Missions Convention at SCCC – Jan 19-21. Jim and the team are bringing together as many of our financially and prayer supported missionaries as possible for the weekend. They will have booths and displays set up at the church. This is your opportunity to get to know them, to see how the Lord is directing them in their respective callings and to possibly see how you could participate in what they are doing! There are different events scheduled for that weekend which we will share with you in the coming days. Mark it down. You won’t want to miss this event.

* Our Missionaries of the Week – Brian & Clarissa Krahn

* Our Deacon of the Week – Terry & Sue Cummins

We wish each of you a Happy New Year!
Glenn & Jeannine

Serving as an Elder at San Carlos Community Church – Dec 20, 2017 

At our recent Leadership Retreat, the Deacons and Elders agreed to have the role of eldership filled in the same way as the deacon role is presently being filled. This would result in an elder being able to serve two consecutive 3-year terms, prior to taking a one-year break. Please note, that a congregational affirmation at the AGM, following 3 years of service would be required prior to the elder serving a 2nd 3-year term. In order to retain stability on the elder team, while implementing this new model, each of the three elders presently serving, will take their break at staggered one-year intervals.

Defining Elder and Deacon Roles at SCCC – While the deacons are all about church functionality (finance, missions, building, grounds, events, usher/greeters, etc.), the role of an elder is to be aware of the spiritual needs within our church family and to then, as a team, to encourage the spiritual growth of those attending the church through the related spiritual programs.

The Elders would value having two new elders added to their team this year, with another two added the following year. Therefore, the Leadership of SCCC is inviting you, the church family, to prayerfully consider recommending people from our congregation, who you feel would have the spiritual maturity and the giftings related to serving as an elder of the SCCC family. We truly believe the Lord has placed the right people in our church family for this role and we are asking Him to make us aware of who these might be through your involvement. We will accept these recommendations until Jan. 10, 2018.

We do not encourage you to discuss the recommendation with the one you are considering as the vetting procedure will bring clarity to the suitability of those who been recommended. Nominations will be open from Dec 24, 2017 until January 10, 2018. If more than the required amount of candidates allow their names to stand, an election at the AGM will determine the results. Please place your nomination ballot, including candidate’s name, along with your own legible signature in the “Elder Nomination Box” in the church foyer.

As a member of the Elder Team at SCCC, your example of living a life devoted to Christ will be a great influence in helping others to follow Christ. The following list encapsulates some of the expectations we have of our local elders. Although supporting Scriptures are found in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:6-9, the following statements are practical applications of those texts.

  • I am a born again Christian.
  • I am a regular attendee at SCCC when living in San Carlos/Guaymas area.
  • I financially support God’s work, both at SCCC and/or my home church.
  • I desire to live my life in a way that gives honor to the cause of Christ.
  • I am living in a loving relationship with my spouse and children.
  • I have the support of my spouse in the fulfillment of this role.
  • I am supportive of Pastoral leadership, both publicly and privately.
  • I am willing to minister to others in the area of my giftings.
  • I will support and be active in the prayer ministry of this assembly.
  • I will pray with and encourage others in responding to God’s leadings.
  • I will always keep the best interests of the church at heart.
  • I am able to keep confidences.
  • I am able to disagree on issues and still be supportive.
  • I have a teachable spirit.
  • I listen to the needs of others.
  • I have a servant’s heart.                                                                
  • I recognize the importance of leadership and I am a team player.
  • I am in agreement with SCCC’s Statement of Faith, Constitution and Bylaws.
  • I will faithfully attend and participate in the scheduled Leadership meetings.

Elder Expectations:

  • As an Elder, you will be part of an inclusive, welcoming church culture!
  • The Elder Team of SCCC will include the following expectations:
    • “Spiritually driven” members willing to envision ministry / shepherd / dream / plan / and help implement the future direction of SCCC and its related ministries.
    • Leaders who involve themselves prayerfully in the lives of those connected to the church family. They will be committed to and participate in:
      • Prayer at leadership meetings.
      • Prayer for the sick
      • Prayer for leadership through planned programs
      • Prayer Wall Needs
      • Requests (private when requested) for prayer amongst elders
    • An “inclusive, godly, welcoming” nature which is readily visible within each elder at all the church’s services.
    • Be active in developing the gifts and ministry of others.
    • Regular connections with newer families & guests (over a restaurant meal or at home  or as comfortable) – meet with a minimum of 2 families per month, who you are unfamiliar with.  Assimilation of new comers is a critical part of the Elder’s role.
    • Deacons, Elders (& Spouses) to attend two Annual Leadership Retreats designed to envision future plans & goals of SCCC. 

Pastor’s Desk 2017-12-19

Good Morning SCCC Family,
* What an exciting time of the year! Some people are heading North to see family, others are looking forward to family joining them here for the holidays and you’re excited. Even though Christmas is often seen as a “gift based holiday”, deep down people long to be with family. We are so happy for each of you who gets to enjoy the season in this special way. Others may not have that privilege, for whatever reason, but there is still so much to be thankful for including friends from our church and our community. There is just some really neat people here in SC area and particularly in SCCC!
            Although we won’t have immediate family with us this year, we (Jeannine & I) have been enjoying the special events wrapped around the Christmas theme, from presentations by the children at Belen Casa de Pan, to a back pack distribution, (another one coming on Thursday) to the Azteca Esperanza Choir last Sunday evening (and wow, were they great once again – got to love their rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus and I’ve never seen a conductor who is more into what he is doing than he is – fun to just watch him). And there’s more to come, this Sunday with Mayra’s kids at the church. And then we’ve got upcoming dinners with friends and so on. Its just a great season and a wonderful reminder of Jesus’ first coming to this earth.
            Friendships are so key! Fellowship is so key! We’re been overwhelmed with both of those this past year – both good friendships and good fellowship – some new friends and some ongoing ones. I don’t know how many times we’ve come home and said to each other, “wow what a special time” or “what a neat individual or couple”! It always comes back to people, and to connect with people who truly want the best for each other has really encouraged our lives.
            While we celebrate those friendships, we also realize that some of you have had losses this past year. We hurt with you, especially those of you who will have the first very “different kind” of Christmas. We’re praying that somehow, our Lord will give you something special this Christmas that will cause you to say, “we haven’t been forgotten”, whether its an encouragement from a neighbor, an act of kindness from a friend, a special memory that carries you or something that only the Lord could orchestrate. We pray there will be something that brings a sweetness of God’s peace into your story.
            On behalf of Jeannine and myself, we want to thank you for all the good things you have added to our lives over the past year! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and for your care! We want to wish each of you a wonderful Christmas season and a purposeful new year that will be filled with all kinds of positive surprises. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve at SCCC and look forward to all that God will do through each of us in the coming year.

Merry Christmas to you all!
Glenn & Jeannine

Please Note: The Leadership of SCCC encourages you to prayerfully participate in seeking out those who serve our church family:
     * Deacon Nominations remain open until January 7th.
     * Recommendations for Potential Elders will be received until Jan 10th.  
            (A further explanation of this new process will follow shortly!)
* Jan 5-6: Begin the New Year with Prayer @ SCCC! – – Begin the new year on a firm spiritual foundation of dependence on God, asking Him to give our church family a year of fruitful harvest and blessing. The Church doors will be open on both Friday and Saturday from 8-5. We’re asking you to commit to a minimum of one hour on either day! There will be printed guides for you to use to pray. “Sign Up” sheets are in the foyer where you can choose the hour you would like to come and pray. If you’d like to pray longer, you are free to do so. If you’re time overlaps with someone else, it doesn’t matter. We simply want to give the upcoming year to our Lord and seek both His direction and His Blessing for SCCC!

“Prayer is not the only thing we should do – but it is the first thing we should do.”
* Take Time to Pray:
            * Please keep Chuck and Nancy Dreiling in your prayers.
            * Al & Barbara Montoya – Recent loss of Al’s son, Roy.
            * Alex & Anne Echeribel – Recent loss of a sister & another nearing death.
            * Missionaries of the Week – Rob & Sherry Kehler (Mountain Ministry)
            * Deacon of the Week – David Campbell (Ushers and Greeters)