San Carlos Community Church
San Carlos Community Church

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There are many who serve in various capacities at SCCC. These are some of the many faithful leaders and servants at San Carlos Community Church.


Glenn & Jeannine Driedger


Chuck (& Nancy) Dreiling
David (& Judy) Long
Steve (& Cindy) McLean
Buck (& Di) Monza
John (& Deirdre) New
Howard (& Susan) Dyck (inactive)


Rubin (& Julia) Bustos
Nina (& Brian) Craig
Grant (& Ethel) Dafoe
Bob (& Catherine) Gibson
Maris (& Larry) Kalmbach
Art (& Brenda) Koenes
Jim (& Selina) McClelland
Di (& Buck) Monza
Lynne (& Russ) Penney
Richard (& Jen) Scapinello
Jan (& Bob) Springman
Ronnie (& Becky) Woodfield


Bob (& Catherine) Gibson
(Jeff &) Charlotte Cosgrove
Richard (& Jen) Scapinello

Worship Team Leaders

John (& Deirdre) New
Ryan Thiessen
Justin McLean

Concert Pianist

Christie (& Walt) Forrester

Youth Ministry Leader

Justin McLean

Children's Ministry Director

Mayra Gonzalez
San Carlos Community Church is a nondenominational Christian fellowship of believers from all across North America.
441 N. Grand Ave Suite 4, #552B
Nogales, AZ USA 85621
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